Marella Monnezzaglia ( leftovers )

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Marella Monnezzaglia ( leftovers )

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Marella Monnezzaglia - Leftovers

Marella Monnezzaglia ( leftovers ) is made After making and weighing out all the packages for the pastas made that day in the Marella factory, the odds and ends left over are put into a large bowl and tossed together to create the Monnezzaglia.  Known as "leftovers" this handmade Italian pasta has a little something for everyone.  Striped pastas, bowties, corkscrews, rigatoni, radiators, tulips and much more.  No need to get fancy with this fun pasta, just cook and throw in anything you want to finish.  This also makes a great pasta salad.  Perhaps you have some shrimp, chicken or veggies "left over" to toss into this for a fabulous dinner.

Outstanding wheat and production techniques yielding exquisite flavor and unusual and stunning shapes. Marella pastas have the vivid colors of an artist’s palette.  Aside from being among the best pasta you’ll ever taste, what else can you boil for 15 minutes that puts a remarkable-looking and fun-to-discuss feast on the table?

Impressive Pasta For Everyday & Entertaining

To think that the pasta you buy doesn’t matter would be like thinking of the wine or cheese or ice cream you buy as generic. If you thought that were true, you probably wouldn't be able to call yourself a foodie.