Key Lime Avocado Oil

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Key Lime Avocado Oil

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Key Lime Avocado Oil

This Key Lime Avocado oil is a monounsaturated oil and has a very high smoke point (The smoke point is the degree to which you can heat an oil before it burns (and then starts smoking). Butter has a smoke point of 350° F and Extra Virgin Olive Oil smokes at 375° F, but Avocado oil can go beyond 500° F. Not only will you love the Key Lime flavor, you will be making a heart healthy choice. This makes Avocado oil well suited to high temperature cooking, such as stir-fries, sautéing, or searing). We like to use this Key Lime Avocado OIl oil to Saute vegetables, brush on poultry or fish for grilling, in salad recipes or enjoyed alone as a dip for bread. Avocado oil is a great investment because it can be used as both a cooking oil and a finishing oil in one bottle.  A carefully blended oil to achieve a lavish finish. We like to use Key Lime Avocado Oil to dress our corn-on-the-cob in the summer.

Our Key Lime Avocado Oil is cold-pressed which allows the oil to retain all of its natural flavor and nutritional benefits.  Used by many chefs including English chef/televison host Jamie Oliver, Avocado Oil has seen a great increase in poplularity because of its great flavor and health benefits. 


 Avocado Oils and Health: Avocados and Avocado oil are rich in monounsaturated fats, which work to lower bad, LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. Avocado oil also contains Beta-Sitosterol compounds, which work to avoid LDL absorption by your body. Partnered with a large amount of Vitamin E, Avocado oil is one of the healthiest and versatile oils available.

Alone, the flavor of avocado oil is delicious and delicately buttery. Infusions of flavors create intriguing possibilities.

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    A Mainstay in my Kitchen

    Posted by Nan Quick on 27th Jan 2015

    Jacksonville Mercantile's Key Lime Avocado Oil is an essential part of my diet. And whenever I'm traveling, I take along extra bottles, to be given as house gifts to my hosts, all of whom are also VERY happy with the oil.

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    A subtle and elegant oil

    Posted by A continuously happy customer in New Hampshire on 7th Aug 2014

    Jacksonville Mercantile's Avocado Oil with Key Lime has been one of my kitchen-mainstays for the past five years. I try to eat avocados every day, but during much of the year, finding avocados that are ripe is impossible, and so this oil helps to meet my health-needs. Better yet, the oil adds a subtle zing to anything it's drizzled upon: hot corn on the cob; baked salmon; rice pilaf; sliced tomatoes. The oil tastes delicate and fresh, and the lime adds a clean, subliminal, citrusy aftertaste.